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◆ acquaintances
● friends
☼ wary
❈ respect
☀ the sun to my cloudy day
☁ don't rain on my parade
♥ love
★ cares for
Φ target
❦ despise
❡ kill
✦ avoid

Bran Stark A Song of Ice and Fire

Little brother and, at times, quite the pain in the arse. Misunderstands my words frequently. At times this results in a visit of one of his friends with a need to punch me in the gut. Apparently he is a skinchanger. I like it not.

I should have come for him when Theon took Winterfell.
Sansa Stark A Song of Ice and Fire

Younger sister who has been gone for a long time. Is fond of lemon cakes and has a kind heart. She does not seem to smile often but I hope that will change soon. I truly wish I could undo the things Joffrey did to her. by taking his head the moment I get the chance

Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

bastard Brother who is of the same age as me. At times he can be quite sullen and silent but he truly is a good and loyal man. At times I wonder why he chose to take the Black. He is as much as a brother to me as Bran and Rickon are.
Theon Greyjoy A Song of Ice and Fire

Once my best friend, now nothing more than a turncloak. Used to be my lord father's ward.

Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister A Song of Ice and Fire

Son of lord Tywin Lannister and, apparently the heir to Casterly Rock. I am not particularly fond of Lannisters. At times I am able to tolerate him.

Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka is a man of the North. I believe he is a creature close to a cow, having many stomachs instead of one. His appetite is more than healthy. Next to that he is a wise captain and a good friend. It is not a punishment to serve under him.

Riona Cousland Dragon Age

The Lady Riona has a friend who has been a stone golem-dwarf. She also tends to be in her cups sometimes and once that resulted in some sort of honest rant on the communicating network. She is kind and I enjoy listening to her odd stories and the japes she makes.
Beverly Crusher Star Trek

Beverly is a modern maester, called a doctor. She is an older woman who is used to living in space. She is very helpful and rather good at shooting with these guns. I might entrust her with one.

Kitty Pryde Marvel Comics

The lady Kitty tends to speak in riddles at times. Mentioning powers and abilities while she actually refers to magic. She is quite modern.
Hermione Granger Harry Potter

The lady Granger is a sorceress with an incredibly good heart. Even I am not fond of her magic, I mind it less when she shows me. We talk a lot, I consider her a close friend.

Zuko Avatar: The Last Airbender

He has told me he can wield two swords at the same time and comes from a fiery realm. I cannot wait for him to teach me.
Allen Walker D-Gray Man

Just like Sokka he has multiple stomachs. I am not sure if I like him or not. Bran seems to be fond of him.

Daenerys Targaryen A Song of Ice and Fire

She could be of house Targaryen, she could also be a Blackfyre. She wishes to be my ally and refers to her dragons a lot. I have not seen these dragons yet. I do not trust her. She is rather beautiful.
Margaery Tyrell A Song of Ice and Fire

●/◆ ☼
Daughter of lord Mace Tyrell and wife to king Joffrey. She is graceful and kind and I am not sure if I can trust her. Her words seem to be genuine and so is the fondness she has for my sister.

R. Daneel Olivaw
Asimov's Robots

This man is made of iron on the inside. A robot. He behaves like a human.
Yamanako Ino Naruto

◆☼ ☁
A hotheaded woman who punches me when Bran is not able to. She should shut her mouth.

Toph Beifong
Avatar: The Last Airbender

A young woman like Ino but even less likeable. Also not blonde.

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