Jul. 13th, 2015 07:38 pm
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◆ acquaintances
● friends
☼ "friends"
❈ haha
☀ the sun to my cloudy day
☁ don't rain on my parade
♥ love
★ cares for
Φ target
❦ despise
❡ kill
✦ avoid

Jeyne Poole A Song of Ice and Fire

Daughter of Vayon Poole, Bolton's bastard claims she's Arya, Lord Bolton claims she's Sansa. Alas, her name is Jeyne Poole. She is kind and helpful but also very broken. I hope to protect her the best I can.
Theon "Reek" Greyjoy A Song of Ice and Fire

A broken (and rather smelly) version of Theon who thinks his name is Reek. I do not wish to look at him or hear his voice. It is best to ignore him.

Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

Brother and rival. I am glad he is here. I had never imagined to ever see him again, let along be able to talk to him.
Bard (the Bowman) Tolkien

A kind man from the land of orc-creatures. Very trustworthy and honorable, also a very good friend. I will try to help him get him back to his home.

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