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[Closed to Neria]

Of course his cheeks turned a brighter shade of red when he starts to undress her. Bit by bit he reveals more of her skin, his eyes bright and full of lust. He is being slow, taking his time to unbutton what needs to be unbuttoned, to unlace what needs to be unlaced, to reveal what needs to be revealed.

At times he stops and looks at her.

"If you want me to stop, please say so." There is a hint of insecurity on his face, a little twitch of his mouth. "I will do so." For him it has always been some sort of a taboo to give in to his urges, to put that before his duties to others. His needs aren't that important as those of others.

His hands slide over her hips and he frowns a little.

"Do you want me to go on?"
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Application Medietas

Player Information
Name: Mari
Age: 34
Contact: plurk
Characters already in Medietas: n/a
Reserve Link:

Character Basics
Character name: Robb Stark
Character Journal: kingofbadlifechoices
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire
Canon Point: When he is about to take the Crag
Age: 16

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Robb has his mother's looks. Bright blue eyes and curly autumn (a color right between orange, red and brown) coloured hair. For his age he looks quite sturdy, he has strong arms and broad shoulders.

When arriving he is dressed in his white surcoat with an embroidered direwolf on it and wears a crown on his head. Underneath said surcoat he wears chainmail, followed by a leather jerkin underneath that and finally some undershirts to top it off. He looks quite medieval.

History: wiki!

Personality: Robb has been raised in a traditional and rather secluded home with 4 siblings and a half brother. In the beginning of the series he is portrayed as a happy but stubborn boy who is adamant about keeping his direwolf pup by promising to raise it by himself and who has a friendly rivalry with his bastard half brother Jon. It is mentioned throughout the books that both half brothers are very close to each other and hold each other in high regard. When Robb is made king he even goes as far as naming Jon his heir if his wife fails to give him a son before his death.

Because Robb is raised to be Winterfell’s heir he is very aware of traditions and etiquette but also of the responsibilities as a future lord. It is frequently mentioned how Robb is very able to make young girls swoon and sigh by being gallant, polite and a very good dancer. Just like his father Robb values honor above everything and is very keen on preserving his father’s legacy after his death, expressing that he wishes to rule the North the way his father would. He treats his friends, his men, his guests and his hostages with respect, expecting that they would treat him in a same manner. This shines through in the matter regarding Jaime Lannister. Being one of his most important hostages he is being kept in a comfortable room inside of one of the towers of Riverrun. Yet, when Jaime breaks out and causes trouble he gets moved to a rather damp and uncomfortable cell in the dungeons.

Robb tends to cling to the lessons his father has taught him and the values he stood for (honor, preserving traditions (the old way)), using those as guidelines when drawing conclusions and making decisions. Robb is far from stupid, and he demonstrates that with his strategies on the battlefield, but his political skills are quite horrible. Honor alone does not keep a crown on the head in Westeros. He tends to disregard the opinions and advice of others (especially those of his mother) in favor of his own ‘just’ views regarding a situation. He will make unwise political decisions in the name of remaining honorable, because he does not see the ends as justifying the means.

In this light it is interesting that Robb’s rise and fall as the King in the North shows an ironic likeness to Eddard’s rise and fall as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon, both wearing honor as their armor. Where Eddard decided to be honorable enough to allow queen regent Cersei a peaceful return to her own castle after finding out about her incestuous relationship with her twin brother, Robb decided to put the honor of a young woman before that of his own, deeming it not right to just deflower her and leave her be. Both decisions are, indeed, very honorable but will prove to be fatal in the end.

A trait that defines Robb when interacting with others is the fact he can be two different people depending on who he is with and what the nature of a situation is. One side of him is just a boy being insecure about trivial things like growing a beard and why that beard is not growing fast enough while making jokes and ruffling the hair of one of his siblings. The other side is a teenager posing as a grown man who needs to prove everyone that he is absolutely not just sixteen years of age.

This does not mean Robb has a split personality; it mostly refers to him putting up a front so no one will focus on his age and insecurities. It also is borne from a certain urge to preserve his father’s legacy and those earlier mentioned values the man stood for. Robb starts doing this when he becomes Winterfell’s lord after his father leaves for King’s Landing. His little brother Bran describes these occurrences as his brother switching between the voice of 'brother Robb' and the voice of 'Robb the Lord', making it known that he does not particularly like the voice of Robb the Lord. His mother witnesses this differently, seeing it as her son growing up and slowly drifting away from her, seeing him change from the boy she has raised into a young man she is not familiar with.

The Starks are a very tight-knit family. All the children come from a loving marriage and they grew up in a happy home, loved by their parents. There is absolutely no doubt that Robb loves each member of his family dearly. He sees his father as his role model, a man he wants to be and there is no doubt that the relationship between father and son is a very tight one. Tight enough to call the banners the second he hears that said father got accused with treason instead of bending the knee to the new king.

The relationship with his mother becomes more tense over time. Where Catelyn tries to be strong and think of her family, Robb’s priorities change the second they declare him King in the North. He is responsible for something bigger now. It isn’t just the future of House Stark anymore, or the well-being of his sisters, or restoring his father’s name. The North has separated itself from the realm and Robb is its king, he can’t put the matters of family before the well-being of his kingdom, of his men. The situations of Sansa and Arya in King's Landing or not marching down to chase Theon and his men out of Winterfell to save his brothers Bran and Rickon are two good examples of this.

Yet, the second they place a crown upon his head conflict arises as well. When his mother insists on trading a valuable hostage like Jaime Lannister for his sister, Robb tells her he does not want this, thinking of what his bannermen might think. Trading someone of Jaime’s stature for two mere girls is something a king cannot do. Afterwards it is Catelyn who sets Jaime free and makes him promise to get her girls back in his stead. This is an act of treason and while Catelyn’s family treats it as such, Robb’s initial response is rather tame. Of course he is angry, of course he wonders if his mother has grown mad, but in the end he admits he would’ve done the same. That he would have traded the Kingslayer for his sisters. In the show (Game of Thrones) he also promises his mother to ‘get the girls back’.

It is a prime example of how he puts his duties as a king before what he wants as a person. He never forgets his family but he cannot put the focus on them when there is so much at stake. Not anymore. What has started as him avenging his father by rallying against House Lannister, has changed into a full-blown rebellion, a war. This is an inner conflict that characterizes him throughout the books and it skews family relationships greatly. But despite every harsh choice he makes, he does love them and he does worry for them. That is something that will never change. King or not.

Robb is not a very open young man and he keeps most of his feelings inside of him. As mentioned earlier he tends to put up a ‘mature’ front by acting like how he thinks a young king should act: keeping his shoulders straight, his voice stern and authoritative, and not allowing anyone to see that he’s actually just a teenager who is slowly caving under the constant pressure that comes with wearing a crown, fighting a war and leading his men. Even though this behavior isn’t doing him much good mentally (smiles less, hardening features) he refuses to change it, revealing that he can be extremely stubborn. Eventually this behavior reaches a painful point where it becomes unclear where Robb’s kingly facade ends and where the real Robb begins. Still he is capable of being moved, and there are moments where he fails to keep up appearances. A good example is when they mention to him that Winterfell has been taken over by someone he considered a very close and good friend. At that moment he is seen turning away, trying to fight back tears.

When it comes to trust, Robb only seems to confide in his mother, regularly confessing to her how much he struggles and how he knows he has made a mess of things (‘winning the battles, but somehow losing the war’).

Overall he trusts everyone in his army to stand for him and his cause. In a way it can be said that is a little naive of him, after all, when his men betray him he finds himself genuinely upset and surprised. It is obvious that when it comes to the people close to him it shows that he trusts them in a more open and relaxed way, regarding strangers he expects them to trust him (and he hopes that they do). To strangers he might come over as overly formal, distant and ridiculously stubborn, yet when meeting someone he can trust and forge a friendship with he’d be likely to relax a little bit.

A good canon example of how Robb reasons and behaves is when he gets faced with the assassination of two young squires from House Lannister, plotted by one of his bannermen who is an old friend of house Stark, Lord Karstark. When hearing of it he becomes absolutely livid. Referring to the rules of guest right (a very important value in the North (and in the rest of Westeros as well), where guests are entitled to their safety when staying within a man’s home) Robb declares that Karstark has violated his honor by taking the lives of two young boys he deems himself responsible for. Robb orders the hanging of the men who are responsible for the murders. When one of the men protests that he had only been watching, Robb declares that if the man likes to watch so much that he will be hanged last so he can watch his comrades die first. The way Robb approaches this matter and punishes these men make it quite obvious that he finds it in no way acceptable when people violate his honor.

Eventually Robb marries a girl called Jeyne Westerling instead of the one he is betrothed to. Jeyne is the oldest daughter of Gawen Westerling, a bannerman of house Lannister. After storming the castle of house Westerling (The Crag) Robb takes an arrow to the arm, leaving him wounded and in need of care. It is Jeyne who takes care of him and nurses him back to health. Jeyne is with him when the news reaches him that Theon Greyjoy (his best childhood friend) has killed his brothers Rickon and Brandon. This causes Robb to break down and Jeyne offers her arms for comfort. The two sleep with each other.

This results in him putting her honor before his and he chooses to marry her. This implies that he is aware of how others are affected by the (sometimes rather rash) decisions he makes. In a way the choice to marry her is a good one and a terribly stupid one at the same time. Good because Robb falls in love with her and the worries that weigh him down seem to leave him be when he is with her. Robb seems to be more like the person he used to be, the smiling, happy boy we get to know at the beginning of the books.

A negative aspect is that Jeyne and Robb come from two completely different parts of Westeros. Robb with his traditional Northern upbringing, Jeyne being more of a Southern girl. For instance, Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind scares Jeyne and he decides to put him with the dogs in the kennel. This causes the wolf to howl for nights long. Also when it comes to a heir to the North, Robb fails to get Jeyne pregnant and it gets the girl down a little. Despite the herbal teas given by her mother her belly remains flat.

But with marrying Jeyne Robb has made the mistake that will finally cost his life. He broke the marriage pact with the Freys, resulting in said house cancelling their alliance with him immediately. This puts a huge strain on everything and the goals Robb wishes to achieve as a King in the North. From a political point of view the marriage that is making him happy is a big mistake. For a boy who wants to act like a man and a king it is not done to break a marriage pact in such a way.

When Robb discusses the implications of one of his actions, he has a bit of a breakdown and it becomes more than clear that he is caving underneath the pressure. He expresses that he does not understand why a man would want to be king and how he vowed to himself be a good, kind and just king but that he finds himself unable to determine what is wrong and what is right and that it confuses him greatly.

What is also an important thing to mention is that Robb tends to 'zone out' after being faced with something particularly draining or emotional. For instance, after he took Lord Karstark's head he goes back to his own chambers to sit down, saying nothing and ignoring everyone who enters. Even his wife Jeyne cannot get through to him and it leaves her worried and slightly frustrated, afraid she has done something wrong.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Robb has no super powers and there is no canon confirmation if he experiences the wolf dreams the way his siblings do. Probably, since he is a figure of authority, he will not be very accepting to them.

He does know how to handle a horse and use a sword. He has very good strategical insight and is quite strong for his age. Next to that he's also very good at reading maps.
AU/CR AU Addendum: n/a

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? A sword, Grey Wind, his crown, a cloak

First Person:
Third Person:

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun gravel
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CR Chart - Driftfleet

◆ acquaintances
● friends
☼ wary
❈ respect
☀ the sun to my cloudy day
☁ don't rain on my parade
♥ love
★ cares for
Φ target
❦ despise
❡ kill
✦ avoid

Bran Stark A Song of Ice and Fire

Little brother and, at times, quite the pain in the arse. Misunderstands my words frequently. At times this results in a visit of one of his friends with a need to punch me in the gut. Apparently he is a skinchanger. I like it not.

I should have come for him when Theon took Winterfell.
Sansa Stark A Song of Ice and Fire

Younger sister who has been gone for a long time. Is fond of lemon cakes and has a kind heart. She does not seem to smile often but I hope that will change soon. I truly wish I could undo the things Joffrey did to her. by taking his head the moment I get the chance

Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

bastard Brother who is of the same age as me. At times he can be quite sullen and silent but he truly is a good and loyal man. At times I wonder why he chose to take the Black. He is as much as a brother to me as Bran and Rickon are.
Theon Greyjoy A Song of Ice and Fire

Once my best friend, now nothing more than a turncloak. Used to be my lord father's ward.

Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister A Song of Ice and Fire

Son of lord Tywin Lannister and, apparently the heir to Casterly Rock. I am not particularly fond of Lannisters. At times I am able to tolerate him.

Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka is a man of the North. I believe he is a creature close to a cow, having many stomachs instead of one. His appetite is more than healthy. Next to that he is a wise captain and a good friend. It is not a punishment to serve under him.

Riona Cousland Dragon Age

The Lady Riona has a friend who has been a stone golem-dwarf. She also tends to be in her cups sometimes and once that resulted in some sort of honest rant on the communicating network. She is kind and I enjoy listening to her odd stories and the japes she makes.
Beverly Crusher Star Trek

Beverly is a modern maester, called a doctor. She is an older woman who is used to living in space. She is very helpful and rather good at shooting with these guns. I might entrust her with one.

Kitty Pryde Marvel Comics

The lady Kitty tends to speak in riddles at times. Mentioning powers and abilities while she actually refers to magic. She is quite modern.
Hermione Granger Harry Potter

The lady Granger is a sorceress with an incredibly good heart. Even I am not fond of her magic, I mind it less when she shows me. We talk a lot, I consider her a close friend.

Zuko Avatar: The Last Airbender

He has told me he can wield two swords at the same time and comes from a fiery realm. I cannot wait for him to teach me.
Allen Walker D-Gray Man

Just like Sokka he has multiple stomachs. I am not sure if I like him or not. Bran seems to be fond of him.

Daenerys Targaryen A Song of Ice and Fire

She could be of house Targaryen, she could also be a Blackfyre. She wishes to be my ally and refers to her dragons a lot. I have not seen these dragons yet. I do not trust her. She is rather beautiful.
Margaery Tyrell A Song of Ice and Fire

●/◆ ☼
Daughter of lord Mace Tyrell and wife to king Joffrey. She is graceful and kind and I am not sure if I can trust her. Her words seem to be genuine and so is the fondness she has for my sister.

R. Daneel Olivaw
Asimov's Robots

This man is made of iron on the inside. A robot. He behaves like a human.
Yamanako Ino Naruto

◆☼ ☁
A hotheaded woman who punches me when Bran is not able to. She should shut her mouth.

Toph Beifong
Avatar: The Last Airbender

A young woman like Ino but even less likeable. Also not blonde.

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Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Generally okay with me, just let me know when you do!
Fourthwalling: Plot/ask first
Offensive subjects: If I am offended, I'll let you know.

Hugging this character: Sure!
Kissing this character: You can try.
Flirting with this character: You can try, but he is a man wed. He will probably politely decline.
Romantic interest toward this character: Sure.
Fighting with this character: Oh, definitely!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Scratches, bruises etc. are okay, if we're talking severe injuries, lets plot first!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Plot first!
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◆ acquaintances
● friends
☼ "friends"
❈ haha
☀ the sun to my cloudy day
☁ don't rain on my parade
♥ love
★ cares for
Φ target
❦ despise
❡ kill
✦ avoid

Jeyne Poole A Song of Ice and Fire

Daughter of Vayon Poole, Bolton's bastard claims she's Arya, Lord Bolton claims she's Sansa. Alas, her name is Jeyne Poole. She is kind and helpful but also very broken. I hope to protect her the best I can.
Theon "Reek" Greyjoy A Song of Ice and Fire

A broken (and rather smelly) version of Theon who thinks his name is Reek. I do not wish to look at him or hear his voice. It is best to ignore him.

Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

Brother and rival. I am glad he is here. I had never imagined to ever see him again, let along be able to talk to him.
Bard (the Bowman) Tolkien

A kind man from the land of orc-creatures. Very trustworthy and honorable, also a very good friend. I will try to help him get him back to his home.

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How do I play Robb? Any crit? Any pointers? Let me know! :)
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Robb Stark (18)
King who is surprisingly good at making bad lifechoices. The gallant and honorable type. Does not mind a cuddle or two. Fond of breeches.
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CR Chart - Eudio

◆ acquaintances
● friends
☼ "friends"
❈ haha
☀ the sun to my cloudy day
☁ don't rain on my parade
♥ love
★ cares for
Φ target
❦ despise
❡ kill
✦ avoid

Anna of Arendelle Frozen

A young princess with an uncanny ability to be most endearing. I have kissed her lips quite some times. Also makes me smile often. Grey Wind seems to be fond of her as well.
Verity Willis Marvel 616 (Agent of Asgard)

The lady Verity is an expert on modern clothes and how to wear it. That is why she has put me up with uncomfortable pants. Even though she told me I look quite well, I do not think they are meant for me. She has introduced me to soda pops as well. I am quite fond of her.

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*** ROBBSTARK has joined 777.77.777.77
<ROBBSTARK> Is there someone?
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Monster info

1st changefangs (poison), scales, claws, snake-eyes | 1st of May
2nd changesnake tail, ability to change into snake during the night | 29th of June
3rd changeunhinging his jaw, snake tongue, fangs that grow a little longer | 11th of August
coinscurrent: 31 | spent: 60

Deaths: 3
Tiklabang rewards:
• one crown
• his direwolf Grey Wind
• one of the swords that got forged out of Ice (his father's greatsword) Widow's Wail
he asked for Ice, he got Joffrey's sword, sucks to be you Robb Stark :(
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Application Ryslig

Name: Mari
Contact: plurk! | email: nwoppertje at gmail dot com
Other Characters: n/a

etc )
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Send a raven.
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Application Eudio


NAME: Mari
AGE: 33
CONTACT: plurk | nwoppertje at gmail dot com


NAME: Robb Stark
CANON: A Song of Ice and Fire
AGE: 16 (aged up to 18 in game!)
CANON POINT: The night before he is going to take the Crag (the castle of house Westerling).



Well, to pry Robb away from his war to go and live in Eudio will be a tough one, especially because he can be very stubborn. Yet, this is where the incentive comes in. Of all the things Robb can use as an incentive  I have chosen to give him a chance to change the past so he can save his father’s life. Even though he is a brilliant commander and tactician he struggles being a king and it is obvious how much the crown weighs him down. By giving him this incentive he has a chance to undo everything and restore everything in a way things were. He would have his family back, Winterfell would not have been taken and his father would not have been dead. Stubborn or not, war or not, king or not, when it comes down to everything he just prefers things to be as they used to be. Peaceful, without worry and where everyone he loves is safe.

To say that Eudio would fit Robb like a glove, no, not exactly. He is rather keen on preserving the lessons his father taught him and will act on that. His stubborn nature might make things a bit more hard for him as well. Despite that, Robb is a very nice and honest guy, he will not treat people unfairly. Of course there is that incentive, but incentive or not, he will always approach others in a sincere way. Just like Ned would do. From the canon point I’m taking him he is still betrothed to Roslin. He still has a healthy sex drive, yet he will not act on it without mutual consent.

All in all, what will be of great help be Robb’s own choice, that no one forces him to do anything and that he has chosen this life to better the situation for himself, but most of all, for his family.

Log with Sansa-Synodiporia | Log with Jon Snow-TDM City of Ariel
[personal profile] honorobble is another Robb account I use!

He does not have any specific weapon on him, yet he does have a direwolf named Grey Wind and does have a certain power connected to said direwolf. Even though it is an extremely underdeveloped one and Robb refuses to acknowledge it to be a part of him, it can be considered some sort of supernatural ability.

It pertains the power of being able to transfer his own spirit into the bodies of small animals or, in the case of every Stark sibling, their direwolves. It manifests itself through so-called ‘wolfdreams’ where they dream about seeing a forest or another environment through the eyes of their wolves. These dreams are experienced as very real and very intense. This power relates to being a warg/skinchanger, an ability more common to the wildlings behind the Wall, but quite a taboo in Westeros itself (also the main reason why Robb does not reach out to that part of him).