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Of course his cheeks turned a brighter shade of red when he starts to undress her. Bit by bit he reveals more of her skin, his eyes bright and full of lust. He is being slow, taking his time to unbutton what needs to be unbuttoned, to unlace what needs to be unlaced, to reveal what needs to be revealed.

At times he stops and looks at her.

"If you want me to stop, please say so." There is a hint of insecurity on his face, a little twitch of his mouth. "I will do so." For him it has always been some sort of a taboo to give in to his urges, to put that before his duties to others. His needs aren't that important as those of others.

His hands slide over her hips and he frowns a little.

"Do you want me to go on?"

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Does she want him to stop? Maker, no, not at all. She would much rather him speed up, would much rather have him do what he pleases with her. But he is slower, gentler, with warmed fingerpads gliding over her slowly exposed skin as he goes. Once armored, now she is down to far less, her robes almost completely pulled aside for him to see her as she is, all of her, scars and skin and marks.

She warms beneath his touch and his gaze, and smiles at the question as his hands circle about her hips. Neria reaches up to the tunic on his person, tugging it open as he presses closer. Her gaze is mirthful, her smile tender. Her hand finds his cheek, cradling his jaw, and she nods. There's something almost coy about the gesture, though she is no innocent little girl in the tower. No, she is cognizant of what she wishes, and hopes he wishes the same.

"If I wanted you to stop, I hope you believe me when I say I would be sure you did." She would not let anyone touch her without her say. "I would have you continue," she murmurs, a tease too formal to poke at their respective positions. "I want you to."

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